Welcome to the Morevago Affiliate Program!

📌 50% commission on all sales, including recurring sales!
📌 420 day cookie which means if you send someone to Morevago today and they don’t buy for 420 days, you’ll get the commission! **Unless someone else brings them back to Morevago with their affiliate link…thus overwriting your cookie.**
📌 100 active sales of Morevago’s Agency Plan* (only $197 / mo) means your choice of:
  • 💰 Money: $20,000 USD


  • 🚘 Dream Car: Up to $500 per month on a 36 month lease with a downpayment of up to $2,000

Anyone who signs up for a Morevago account automatically becomes an affiliate (we use the same email address for your affiliate account).

You can access your affiliate dashboard from within your Morevago account…on the left menu bar in green.

If you do not have a Morevago account, you can still become an affiliate by creating your account here:

If you have any questions, please email

By promoting Morevago, you agree to the Quick Start Rules and the Affiliate Agreement.

  • Commissions are paid after 45 days due to potential refunds or cancellations.
  • Commissions must be equal or greater to $100.00 before payment is made.
  • Weekly payouts every Saturday or Sunday.

Quick Start Rules

  1. Don’t be an asshole.
  2. All affiliates must follow all local, state, federal and international laws regarding affiliate promotions.
  3. Don’t SPAM. (See rule #1)
  4. Don’t misrepresent yourself. (See rule #1)
  5. No commissions will be paid for personal use…meaning, if the only reason you signed up for Morevago’s affiliate program was to get a commission, you ain’t getting paid. (See rule #1)

Required Forms

While you can promote immediately after signing up, affiliates must fill out and sign forms for the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before being paid.

Email completed forms to

U.S. Affiliates
Download W-9

International Affiliates
Download W-8BEN

International Affiliates Entities
Download W-8BEN-E