Are Some Social Proof Companies Using Unethical Tactics?

Most social proof software I know isn’t permission based.
Many scrape your customer’s public profile after a transaction (i.e. opt-in, download, purchase, form submission).
From a psychological perspective, it works because of the “herd behavior” or “herd theory”. Peeps are more likely to do something other people have done.
What chaps my ass is that a transaction doesn’t equal an endorsement…yet it’s being used as one…without the user’s explicit permission.
Additionally, have you ever bought something you didn’t like? I buy tons of shit I think sucks!…perhaps these types of companies should call their software “social spoof”….
While I’m no lawyer, who owns the rights to those photos? The photographer, the person, the source – such as Facebook?
What would happen if Amazon scraped LeBron James’ photo, or worse a photo of one of his kids, and said “LeBron James just bought tampons.”
Again, I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing LeBron would sue the shit out of Amazon.
Instead of displaying a transaction of a notification without permission and potentially violating copyright or other laws, Morevago allows you to get more sales by displaying testimonials, reviews and other forms of social proof using notifications…while building a relationship with your customer….and asking them about their experience and for their permission to user their photo. 
Building a relationship – a permission based relationship….What a concept?!?
Morevago also works for past testimonials and offline transactions too.
While you might get “negative” feedback, this is fucking awesome because that let’s you improve your product or service.