How Top Marketers Provide More Value to Their Clients, Increase Retention and Increase Revenue

If you run a digital marketing agency, I’ve got great news for you!

It works whether you do Facebook ads, Google Adwords or SEO…

So, how are top marketers providing more value to their clients, increasing retention and increasing revenue?

….here’s how

They display their clients’ reviews on their clients’ website to increase sales, leads, and pretty much any other conversions…

…yes, I know displaying reviews on websites isn’t something new, but the way Morevago does it, is NEW, and works AWESOME…

I’m not a rocket scientist, but in my 15+ years of experience, more sales, leads, and conversions usually means more value for your clients and results in increased retention too.

Morevago allows you to add and display custom review notifications …that display on all pages…across all device types…and are visible no matter where the user scrolls – 24 hours a day!

You can see an example below and rotating at the bottom of this page :  )

Let your clients’ reviews increase sales, leads and conversions – while making you look even better!

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Psssst……Yes, this works on your digital marketing agency website too!